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The project outputs will concern eight completely processed workshops focused on target group members:

Complete pedagogical documentation is processed for each workshop. Documentation will concern following items:
Methodology for lecturers and workshop leaders, supporting materials for lecturers and workshop leaders – supporting materials for lecturers will consist of presentation of model situations, evaluation of model situations, explanatory diagrams etc. Supporting materials for the workshop participants - each workshop participant will get a textbook and workbook. Workshop attendees will use this materials for preparation, support of individual work or practice within the workshop, for individual practice or during the real situations and work with e-government services.


The target group of proposed project consists of people having lower level on their computer skills – e.g. for example seniors. Common character of the members of this target group is low experience in everyday use of computer and limited knowledge of effective use of computer. On the other hand, all above mentioned groups of people typically have a greated need to communicate with different governmental authorities at lowest regional level or even higher levels. This project EGOV is focused on development of tools above.


The project is co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+, Strategic Partnership Programme.


The project consortium:

WYDA s.r.o.(Czech Republic) coordinator

Conductus Nordic Education (Finland)

Institut für technologieorientierte Frauenbildung e.V. (Germ


Info box:
Project name: Workshops for more effective using of e-government services

Project duration: 1st September 2017 – 31st August 2019

Call: EU, Erasmus+, Strategic partnership, adult education

Project website:

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Conductus: Sonya Höstman  +358 50 511 8445  info(at)